Limited Production | Posh with a young spirit

FARGA variety EVOO, hand-picked from 1000 and 500 year old OLIVE TREES UNIQUE IN THE WORLD.

We continue to care for our ancient olive trees with the same passion as our ancestors did and every year we wait for their fruits in order to be able to offer the highest quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oils to our customers.

L´UNIC PREMIUM is a symbol of the know-how of our ancestors who, with the help of nature’s wisdom, offer us an incomparable treasure year after year, appreciated for centuries by people of good taste.

All our olive trees in this category are protected, have a trunk perimeter of more than 3 meters, numbered and certified by an official qualified technician who guarantees the origin and production system of our oils.

Luxury olive oil |The longest-lived variety

Luxury olive oil comes from the Farga olive variety. Farga olive trees are unique in the world, because of their longevity and rarity and that is why this olive oil is so appreciated.

This Luxury extra virgin olive oil has a well-defined spicy taste, high floral and medium bitter notes. The aroma is highly fruity, reminiscent of green nuts and almonds. It is excellent for use in a variety of foods, as it enhances flavors and enriches any preparation.

The collection process is by hand, the Farga variety is resistant to the detachment, this, together with the height of the olive trees, makes the harvesting process a laborious one.

The luxury premium olive oil | Elixir of the Romans

The luxury premium millennial Farga variety refers to olives that come from olive trees that are more than 1000 years old. The elixir of the Romans, the millenary Farga olive oil, is an olive oil of very high quality, very appreciated and of very exclusive acquisition.

Nature and family tradition come together to create an extraordinary product of unparalleled exquisiteness. At Oleomile, we take care of the thousand-year-old olive trees as our ancestors have done, to continue producing, with the highest quality, the Farga millenary extra virgin olive oil, the most luxury premium olive oil.

The Farga olive trees in this category are protected, numbered and certified by an official technician, with a trunk perimeter of more than 3.5 meters measured at 1.30 meters from the ground. Both the origin and the production system are properly certified.

Characteristics of Farga millennial luxury olive Oil

L’UNIC 1000 years old Farga millennial luxury olive oil,  is an ancestral olive oil with a high fruity, spicy and medium bitter taste. Its process begins with the harvesting, in the first week of harvesting, obtaining a very high-quality fruit, the cold pressing completes the perfect production of this exquisite product.

The Farga luxury olive oil L’UNIC 500 years, version is not too different from the millennial version, its flavor has the same characteristics and the production process is identical. Its trunk perimeter is more than 3 meters measured at 1.30 meters from the ground. As it comes from younger olive trees, the production of this version is not so limited.

Farga luxury olive oils are excellent and are recommended for high-level meals, which is why they are the favorite of the most demanding palates.

Every year at Oleomile, we rely on having a good harvest, with high quality, to produce this extraordinary oil, to the delight of our customers.