Very limited edition | Exclusive and Elegant

Millennial Olive Oil, an unforgettable gift

FARGA variety EVOO, hand-picked from OLIVE TREES of approx. 2000 and 1000 years old, UNIQUE IN THE WORLD.

Our exclusive olive oil is able to create emotions and make you live a unique experience going back 2000 years, even before the Christian Era, it was already tested by the upper classes of the Roman Empire.

Tradition and excellence, excellence makes our Oldfargus a symbol of history, elegance and exclusivity in the wide world of AOVES.

All our olive trees of this category are protected with a trunk perimeter of 3.5 to more than 9 meters, numbered and certified by an official qualified technician who guarantees the origin and the production system of our olive oils.

Giving our millennial olive oils as a gift is a sign of recognition to the person, it is THE GIFT that is desired and valued by everyone.

Our designs are exclusive, handmade, Italian design numbered bottles, custom-made caps and special screen printing baked at 600ºC.

A luxury for special occasions, an original, exclusive gift where the main feature is elegance!

Exclusive olive oil | The most luxury EVOO

A gift is an expression of the appreciation you feel and the kind of person you are. If you want to convey exclusivity, elegance and distinction, then the best thing to do is to give extra virgin olive oil as a exclusive gift.

Exclusive gift | Why give olive oil as a gift?

  • Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is an exceptional product, which in itself is a gastronomic treasure, but which is designed to enhance the best food.
  • Giving a product in which quality has been taken care of, from the raw material, the harvesting process, the extraction and in general, all the details, denotes an excellent taste, great personality and a careful procedure.
  • Extra virgin olive oil from millennials olive trees, unique in the world, processed by Oleomile, is an excellent choice for gifts,  passing on a legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation.
  • Olive oil of such high quality is designed to caress the senses and provide a burst of emotions from smell, taste and sight. A few drops of extra virgin olive oil on the palate is a unique experience that we all want to give as a gift.
  • It is a product in which all the details have been taken care of to the maximum, it is clear that the star is the oil, but the bottle is also a work of art in itself, the label and everything that surrounds the product.

Olive oil sets gifts | Exclusive and original design

For an extraordinary gift that will not go unnoticed, with an exclusive and original design you can choose from the following versions of extra virgin olive oil sets gifts:

  • Oldfargus 2000 Luxury This oil is made from olives from olive trees with a circumference of more than 6.5 meters. These trees have been certified by experts and numbered, in order to have strict control. The bottle is of great beauty, its design is Italian, the cork is specially designed for the bottle, everything in this product is excellent.
  • Oldfargus 1000 years old Luxury. This is a product made with olives from ancient olive trees. A very limited edition, as olive trees over 1000 years old are rare. The aromas and flavors that emanate from this oil are extraordinary. The tasting offers high fruity, spicy and medium bitter flavors.

Both options can be purchased from the Oleomile online shop, without leaving home and with total security and comfort.