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El Maestrazgo, Castellón

Premium extra virgin olive oil is an indispensable product in the Mediterranean diet, it is a gastronomic jewel that is in itself a delicacy.

All extra virgin olive oils are obtained directly from olives, however, depending on the state and variety of the olive, the manufacturing process and other factors, different qualities of virgin olive oils are obtained.

Premium Olive oil is a qualification that refers to an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, elaborated through meticulously careful processes and with the olives at an optimum point of ripeness.


Our most exclusive, unique FARGA EVOO with excellent flavor and aroma. Chosen by the Gourmand Romans, Visigoths, Muslims and by ourselves.

High historical, cultural and botanical value, much more than an EVOO.



The greatness and exquisiteness of the EVOO’s provided by our Monumental FARGA olive trees are reflected in our L’UNIC PREMIUM oils, cold-pressed, with very low acidity and above all with great passion.



Our best oils for their Physico-chemical and organoleptic properties from our autochthonous and unique varieties of our area. We produce our single variety Llumet and with our varieties Morrut and Arbequina we assemble our Coupage Supreme.


Super premium olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the classification that offers the highest quality. For oil to obtain this category, it must meet two main requirements and some others.

One of the main requirements is acidity, an extra virgin olive oil must have a maximum acidity of 0.8°. In general, the acidity of the oil is related to the quality of the olive, fresh olives in good condition provide oils with low acidity. Oleomile selects the best olives at their exact point of ripeness to be super premium olive oil.

The other main requirement to be classified as an extra virgin olive oil is the tasting. In a tasting panel, to be considered extra virgin olive oil, it must obtain a median defect equal to zero, that is to say, that the majority of the panel members perceive the sample without defect. In the same tasting, the oil must have positive attributes, confirmed by the recognized official tasters.

Obtaining a super premium extra virgin olive oil is much more than just fulfilling a few requirements, it is the search for maximum quality, using years of experience in the business and the love for a product of excellence.

Premium extra virgin olive oil | When we need to use it

Premium extra virgin olive oil is a delight to the palate and should be used whenever you want to offer exquisite and exclusive dishes. This product has a slightly spicy flavor, it also has a certain bitterness and sweetness that enhances the flavors of any dish.

It is important that this premium olive oil is used in high-quality ingredients so that the properties of the product are not lost. Here are some ideas:

  • Dressing cheeses. A cheese tasting with a small drizzle of elite gourmet olive oil is a high-end combination.
  • Sautéing vegetables. This oil enriches the flavor of vegetables and makes them more appetizing.
  • Meat and fish. To enhance the flavor of these foods, raw gourmet elite olive oil is ideal to accompany them.

Why buy ultra premium olive oil?

The Premium classification refers to an oil made from the best olives, harvested at their optimum ripeness.

The olive goes through many stages in the process of being born on the tree. The ripening stage has several points, and only the expert eye, aided by modern technology, is able to identify the exact moment when the olive should be removed from the tree. At Oleomile we have this knowledge and we use it to obtain the best olives to produce the best oil.

In addition to the above, the olives are picked on the fly, with the skin intact, so that the flavor is not altered and the best olive juice is obtained.

Premium olive oil packaging from Oleomile

Bottling is also an aspect to consider when classifying olive oil as Premium. Expert designers have created appropriate minimalist bottles and packaging designs that represent in themselves the exclusivity and quality of the olive oils. All materials used by Oleomile in its bottles and caps are certified food safe. Let’s see:

  • OldFargus Luxury: This is a very limited edition, the bottle is of Italian design, the cork stopper is handmade to the size of the bottle and the special silk-screen printing is baked at 600°C. There are two versions 2000 (golden) and 1000 (silver).
  • L´UNIC Premium: New design with a bottle of Italian design, evoking a feminine figure with a lot of personalities. Also, screen-printed using a special manual process.
  • Supreme Edition: Our Doric bottle has a classic and functional design, with a non-refillable DOP stopper for use in any home or public establishment.

Delicatessen olive oil | The most premium one

In Oleomile’s premium shop you can buy the best delicatessen extra virgin olive oil, to take to your table and to the palate of your guests. All from the comfort of your home and with unbeatable service.

These products are backed by a family tradition that ensures the excellent quality of its oils. All the harvesting, extraction and bottling processes are natural and the product is strictly respected. Enjoy!