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Buying Spanish extra virgin olive oil online is very easy, you can do it from the Oleomile website, without leaving home and with total comfort. The best extra virgin olive oils are just a few clicks away. In a short time, you will have in your hands, the product of years of dedication and care: a bottle of Oleomile extra virgin olive oil,

Where to buy olive oil online?

You can buy Oleomile’s extra virgin olive oil on their website, so you will get a product made under strict quality controls and with all the family tradition that goes with it.

Oleomile’s extra virgin olive oils are at the top of quality, as they are made with olives in perfect condition, harvested at the exact point of ripeness in order to obtain a juice with the perfect physical and chemical characteristics so that the oil has an excellent flavor.

Extra virgin olive oil is indispensable for the Mediterranean diet and is the ingredient that brings out the flavors, enriching dishes and making them tastier and more elegant.

Buy extra virgin olive oil online

In Madrid, the perfect way to buy extra virgin olive oil is through Oleomile’s online shop, where you will find all the varieties of this company and you can do it in total comfort.

Extra virgin olive oil is an essential ingredient for restaurants in Madrid. All renowned restaurants take care to use high-quality oils in order to enhance their dishes.

Buy the best olive oil online | 3 unique spanish varieties

Buying the best extra virgin olive oil means acquiring a product of excellent quality and with the convenience offered by online shops. The 3 unique varieties you will find are the following:

  • Oldfargus Luxury. This is a high-end extra virgin olive oil. Oldfargus 2000 Luxury is available, which is made with olives from olive trees with a circumference of more than 6.5 meters, these olive trees are unique, numbered and protected by law, therefore, the production is very limited and exclusive. Some of these olive trees were planted in pre-Christian times and still bear fruit today as they have done for 20 centuries. These olive trees need to be treated with great care as the branches are very fragile and some of them have hollow trunks. Oldfargus 1000 Luxury is an extraordinary oil with unique characteristics. These olives come from thousand-year-old olive trees, and the production is also very limited. To buy one of these oils is to buy a privilege. The bottle and the case in which they are presented is a work of art, worthy of an extraordinary product.
  • L’UNIC Premium. This is an olive oil made with olives of the Farga variety. These olive trees range in age from 500 to more than 1000 years, depending on the version, and are carefully cared for as they are unique. Each year, the fruits of these olive trees, which are numbered, certified and protected to ensure the highest quality, are harvested at the exact point of ripeness to achieve the perfect flavor.
  • Supreme Edition. Supreme Edition is available in two versions. Coupage Supreme is made with the following olive varieties: Morrut and Farga, which are present in an 80-20 proportion. Its tasting offers high fruitiness, medium bitterness and spiciness. The other three varieties are Llumet, made with the olive of the same name, this single variety is ideal for lovers of confectionery, as it combines very well with sweet preparations, in fact, it goes well with any food, Canetera flavor and aromas intense as well as elegant and our Picual del Maestrazgo, fully adapted to our production area with high organoleptic scores and different from those of southern Spain.

Olive Oil online shop | Oleomile

The same careful dedication that Oleomile puts into the elaboration of its olive oils, it puts into its customer service, that is why it has created its online shop, to make its products available to its customers, in an easy, dynamic and comfortable way.

To buy Oleomile olive oils, you only have to enter the website, then go to the online shop, clicking on the tab that says “shop” and is located at the top, then just choose the bottle you want, place it in the virtual cart and follow the purchase instructions. In a short time, you will have in your hands the product of years of dedication and care: a bottle of Oleomile extra virgin olive oil.