Dare to try a unique and different single-varietal olive oil, with a mild yet elegant flavor and aromas.

It goes well with any food, and if you are a pastry lover, Llumet is the ideal EVOO to give your desserts a powerful and special flavor.


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Weight 5.3 kg

100% Llumet


First week


Cold extraction



Tasting panel

High fruitiness, low bitterness and spiciness


6 x 500 ml

General characteristicsLlumet variety

Cold-pressed, gently filtered to preserve all the properties of the olive juice. Exclusive and very limited production, only recently bottled as a varietal olive oil.

Medium fruity, bitter and low spiciness, which give it its own personality. Sober and persistent in the mouth but balanced at the same time.

Typical Llumet aromas remind us of ripe bananas, almonds and fennel.

Great forPairing

Llumet is ideal for use raw in salmorejo, sauces such as mayonnaise, aioli or vinaigrette, pastries and fruit.

Add a splash of AOVE Llumet to vanilla or chocolate ice cream and let us know what you think!

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