family legacy, ancient olive oil

Family Legacy

Many generations dedicated to Olive Oil

Our speciality is the production and sale of FARGA variety EVOO’s from MILLENNIAL OLIVE TREES PROTECTED  by the Regional Valencian Government. Authentic gastronomic treasures, scarce and expensive to obtain, that deserve to be packaged in the best bottles with exclusive design and packaging that enhance the true value of the product to satisfy our customers, OLEOMILE‘s main objective.

Since 2010Our beginnings

OLEOMILE is a family business traditionally based in the area of El Bajo Maestrazgo, Castellón, with many generations, perhaps 20, dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil.

Over the years we have acquired knowledge in the production of extra virgin olive oil,  Farga variety and it is the personal commitment of the professionals who make up Oleomile to offer the world a unique product from our land.

A philosophy that has endured from the Phoenicians to the present day on the shores of the Mediterranean and which gives a special character to our way of understanding and enjoying the authentic pleasures of life.

We also produce extra virgin olive oil from ancient varieties that are indigenous to the area and unknown to the vast majority, including experts. In the smallholding area is common to harvest all the olive varieties at the same time and produce “coupage” oils. The CANETERA and LLUMET varieties have surprised us all with their new contribution of flavors and aromas to the wide world of Spanish oil, and OLEOMILE is a pioneer in this selection.

We care about quality, yield-quantity is not important to us. It is our aim, to try to do things not only well, but very well, bringing new flavors to gourmets and creating unique and unforgettable gifts.

Origin of Oleomile

For José Vergé it was a nightmare to think that a very long family tradition dedicated to agriculture was breaking with him and in the last phase of his working life as a manager of a large German multinational company and with the unconditional support of his wife Lola Santos they decided to continue with the long family tradition of olive tree cultivation and oil production by creating OLEOMILE in 2010.

Already more than 100 years ago, our great-grandparents owned three different olive oil mills in the same village, which competed with each other, to be the best in quality and quantity.

The main reason for creating Oleomile was the continuity in the protection of our inherited millennium olive trees and the possibility of being able to offer this unique olive oil with such a long history to the world.

Initially, we selected 7 different varieties of olives and after getting to know the particularities of each one of them, we finally decided to market the ones with the best physical-chemical and organoleptic characteristics. Our choice was FARGA olives from MILLENNIAL OLIVES TREES, Llumet, Canetera and Picual, all of which are native to our area, El Maestrazgo, and recognized as such by the Valencian Government.

It is a challenge to ensure a minimum annual production of high quality and at the same time, to renew and improve permanently the brand image and information to our customers, keeping us as one of the leaders specialized in MILLENNIAL FARGA variety olive oils.

old olive mill


To offer our customers extra virgin olive oil from millenary olive trees that are unique in the world, as well as oil from exclusive varieties of the highest quality.


Our goal is to be recognized as a world market leader in luxury olive oils and exclusive monovarietal oils of high gastronomic value, historical and limited production.

Our Values