SUPREME EDITION - gourmet olive oil


EVOO’s from native varieties of El Maestrazgo selected for their physical-chemical and organoleptic characteristics.

In our area, there are many varieties of olive trees and we have selected the Llumet, Canetera, Picual Morrut and Farga varieties, with which we obtain extraordinary, daring, different olive oils that give great surprises to consumers.

Llumet Canetera and Picual varieties although popular in El Maestrazgo, are only bottled by OLEOMILE as a single variety. With Morrut and Farga we have created an extraordinary Coupage, worthy of competing with the most awarded AOVES.

The flavor provided by these olive oils are new to most consumers and every day more and more households are finding EVOO’s of different varieties for raw use.

Gourmet Olive Oil

Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product made from olives in pre-veraison, or just beginning to ripen. This state of the fruit, together with cold extraction and high-quality processes, provides an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of exceptional quality.

Oleomile has selected the following varieties: Llumet, Canetera, Picual Morrut and Farga for the Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with these we obtain a product that has been described as daring and surprising, it is a Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is different, but of extraordinary quality.

Characteristics of Gourmet extra virgin olive oil

  • Oleomile bottles four versions of Gourmet extra virgin olive oil, LLumet, Canetera and Picual with the variety of their same name, and an extraordinary Coupage with the Morrut and Farga varieties.
  • The Coupage is an extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary quality, worthy of competing with the most award-winning oils.
  • The Coupage Supreme extra virgin olive oil is made with 80% of olives of the Morrut variety and 20% of Farga. This combination provides an extraordinary balance of flavors.
  • The tasting panel of this Coupage offers high fruity, bitter and medium spicy.
  • Llumet Gourmet extra virgin olive oil is a very elegant single variety with smooth flavors.
  • The Llumet variety is recommended for use in confectionery, as it brings smoothness and a unique flavor to sweet preparations. It can also be used to combine with other foods.
  • The Llumet tasting offers high fruitiness, bitterness and low spiciness.
  • The flavors provided by these two versions are very novel for most diners.

Gourmet olive oil gifts

There are many reasons to buy Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift:

  • The main reason is to acquire a novel, vibrant product of extraordinary quality. At Oleomile, we strive to ensure that our customers receive the best product.
  • Buying Oleomile’s Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift in its two versions: Llumet and Coupage, is to get to know new oils, different from the classics.
  • If you want an oil with an elegant flavor, which highlights the flavors without overshadowing them, to obtain outstanding pairings, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gourmet is the ideal one.

Behind Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil there is a whole family tradition, reflected in high-quality artisanal manufacturing processes, combined with the best varieties of olives, which result in an extraordinary Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Not to be missed.