Dare to try a unique and different monovarietal such as Canetera, with intense flavor and aromas as well as elegant.

Its use raw enhances the flavor of food giving them a touch of exquisite taste.

Canetera an EVOO different from all those tested so far.

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Weight 5.3 kg

100% Canetera


First week


Cold extraction



Tasting panel

High fruitiness, medium – high bitterness and spiciness


6 x 500 ml

General characteristicsCanetera variety

Cold oil production, soft filtering to preserve all the properties of the olive juice. Very limited production due to the scarcity of olive trees that exist of this variety, we only recently bottled it as a varietal oil.

High fruity, bitter and medium spicy, of indisputable elegance. Powerful aroma, soft mouthfeel and persistent aftertaste.

Typical aromas of Canetera remind us of grass and green tomato, artichoke and olive leaf.

Great forPairing

Canetera is ideal for dressing roasted vegetables, raw fish, cured cheeses and cured meats.

EVOO highly appreciated by Gourmands and highly sought after due to its scarcity. A gastronomic gem!

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