Coupage Supreme

With great care and taking advantage of the knowledge of our mill master and expert taster, we have produced this oil, taking our Morrut varietal oil as a base and rounding it off with Arbequina, which gives it the touch of improvement we are looking for.

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Weight 5.3 kg

80% Morrut and 20% Arbequina


First week


Cold extraction



Tasting panel

High fruitiness, medium bitterness and spiciness


6 x 500 ml

General characteristicsCoupage

As mentioned above, this blend is composed of 80% Morrut and 20% Arbequina, which reinforces its aroma.

Its flavor is high fruity, medium bitter and not very spicy, characterized by its fragrance and green flavor.

Typical aromas are of tomato, banana and green walnut shells. Fluid and smooth on the palate with a persistent finish.

Harvesting takes place at the beginning of November. The oil is cold-pressed and lightly filtered to preserve all the properties of the olive juice.

Great forPairing

We recommend its use raw for recipes such as green and illustrated salads, bread with tomato, fish, etc…

Simply exceptional!

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