Oldfargus 1000 Luxury

Limited edition | From the heart of El Maestrazgo, we produce an oil that seeks the elegance, taste and aroma of authentic millennium olive trees for your enjoyment now and forever.

Special for gifts and to share the best moments of life Unforgettable flavours


80.00 (Includes VAT)

Weight 1.80 kg



First week


Cold extraction

Trunk circumference

More than 3,5 meters



Tasting panel

High fruitiness, medium spiciness and bitterness


500 ml

General characteristicsFARGA Variety

In Maestrazgo, the Millennial Farga variety represents less than 3% of the total number of Farga Variety Olive Trees, confirming the scarcity of this historic type of oil.

This oil has a smooth entry in the mouth, very fruity with little or medium bitterness and a final spicy touch with a long and pleasant aftertaste. The typical aromas are reminiscent of green grass, green walnut and green apple skin.

Great forPairing with gourmet products

Ideal for raw use on products such as soft and blue cheeses, grilled vegetables and vanilla ice cream etc…

Exclusive and minimalist design created to impress.
An unforgettable gift with an exquisite taste.

A treat for true Gourmands!

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